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Published: 06th October 2009
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A bag is a non-rigid mostly semi-rigid container, made of paper, cloth, plastic, leather, or some other flexible material.

A bag is used for packaging and/or carrying items. For the latter a bag may have one or two handles; a shoulder bag has a strap to carry it on the shoulder (the bag is either carried on the side of the shoulder carrying it, or the other side). A rucksack has straps to carry it on the back. There is also be a string bag, with two strings which go over the shoulder and can be used as the fastening as well.A bag may or may not be disposable; however, even a disposable bag can often be used many times, for economic and environmental reasons. Now the bags I am going to talk about in my article are lady's and girl's bags that are colorful and trendy. Here is what I came across at a mall I visited recently! Read on to find out..

Big bags, small bags, clutch bags, evening bags, day bags....they've got them all!

When I saw the attractive, candy pink signboard announcing "Dora Bag Mall," I just couldn't resist dropping by! What I found was a mind boggling array of bags in all sizes and shapes. Two large rooms full of bags! What more could a bag freak like me, ask for?

Dora Bag Mall imports most of the bags from China and Thailand. The enormously large bags that you can carry to the office, for a day at the beach or all-day long, are priced anywhere between Rs. 190 - Rs. 1300. They come in vibrant shades like neon pink, indigo blue, blood red and of course in the staid shades of ivory, cream, beige, brown and black. Some come in bold stripes, some in intricate mesh. They also come in eye-catching metallics like silver, bronze, gun metal, pewter, copper and gold. Some are in genuine leather, others come in fabric or faux leather.

Drawstring pouches for an evening out come embellished with tissue, brocade or sequins and beads. They also stock clutch bags for an evening out. Small enough to clutch in your hand, they also come in solid colours to coordinate with your ensemble. Prices start from Rs. 190. Looking for coordinated cell phone cases? They have them too!

Now if you are looking for school / college bags, they have them too! Priced at Rs. 220 they are quite a steal. A wide range of men's and women's wallets are priced reasonably at Rs. 190. If you are planning to travel, drop by to pick up an elegant passport holder or a hip pouch. You may also want to add a visiting card holder or a credit card holder to take care of your travel needs. If you are off on a trek, then how about getting a backpack for Rs. 400?

The range is awesome and the prices are easy on the pocket. Whether you'd like to indulge in the irresistible range of bags to add to your collection, or pick a gift for someone, you will undoubtedly have a tough time making up your mind!

Dora Bag Mall

# 159A, 7th. Avenue

Besant Nagar


Tel: 044-43511001

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